Matt (eor) wrote in vw_campers,

table stay

Many people seem to have the problem where the rear table swings out when you go around corners. I've tried several solutions to this with differing levels of success.

At first I tried to stuff my front curtains down between the table and the cabinet. This worked somewhat, but every now and then the table would work its way out and start swinging again.

Next I tried a solution pictured several places on the Internet: a bungee cord running from the table knob up around the edge of the table to the grab strap above the table. This worked for the most part, although after a while the bungee got tired enough to allow the table to swing out a bit then back in with a thunk. The bungee also put an upward strain on the outside edge of the table top, which eventually broke the welds holding the nut to the plate.

My current solution holds the table tight in a flat position. It's easy to remove and has additional benefits, if you have a breakdown, you've got reading material while you wait.

The book I choose is "The Columbia History of the World", although any similar size tome will do. I covered my copy with a protector from Brodart. I strongly advise doing something similar because the cover will get worn by the edge of the table otherwise.

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