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vw camper improvements - front table holder

When I first got my front table I thought I was clever by storing it standing up right behind the driver's seat and using the table leg to hold it in place. That was clever until the table worked loose a couple of times and went sailing across the passenger compartment at high velocity when I made a hard left turn. I still have to fix the hole in the sliding door panel. After that the table floated around to various unsatisfactory storage spots until I found a new way of storing it.

My current solution is pretty minimalist, but works like a charm. It's easy to get the table out and it takes up the same space it did when it was prone to go sailing.

Removed the screw that holds the stove-lid hinge (just behind the driver's seat at the back of the cabinet) and put a rubber lined metal p-clamp in place under the head of this screw then re-tighten it. Take a length of rope and make a loop through the p-clamp with sliding knots. Slide the table into place and adjust the knots snug. The stretch of the rope allows it to be pulled up and over the outside edge of the table to remove the table from storage.

I still use the table leg to hold the table from banging forward and back, just a little pressure will keep the table from coming forward and clunking.

The clamp and side of cabinet:

The rope and sliding knots:

Table in place, from the other side:

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